ASSA Membership


Membership in ASSA is open to all market constituents that have an interest in the development of soil steaming as a green and sustainable solution for eliminating soil borne pest.  It may include nurseries, growers, shippers, packers, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, and processors of farm crops, retailers, landscapers, soil producers and soil movers, professional associations, governmental agencies, corporations, associations or partnerships aligned or affiliated with agriculture, as well as individuals that have a proven interest in the adoption of the technology.  


There are three classes of membership based on member contributions:

  • Board Members - $50,000 (limited to 7 seats)  Board Members direct ASSA’s efforts.  They establish testing criteria, experimental design, lab analysis data, testing sites and testing dates.  Board Members will have first look at the new technologies and direct contact with solution providers.  

  • Contributors - $10,000 (unlimited)  Contributors are close collaborators.  They work closely with the Board members and are first in line for trialing or proposing new technology.  They will receive all reports and communication and will be actively consulted for feedback and suggestions.  Contributor membership fees beyond $2,500 may be made in “in-kind” contributions, subject to Board approval.

  • Informed Stakeholders - $2,500 (unlimited)  Informed Stakeholders are kept in the know.  They will receive written reports regarding the success and shortcomings of trials.  Further, Informed Stakeholders will receive periodic newsletters providing connection with industry users and qualified solution providers.  Informed Stakeholders will receive invites to ASSA events.

Legal Status

ASSA is a charitable, non-profit organization organized under section 501(c)(3). The association’s mission is focused on promoting the use of steam pasteurization through research and education for better consumer health and a cleaner environment. Steam pasteurization or soil steaming is a sustainable alternative to chemical fumigants for soil borne pest dis-infestation and a proven pest control used in organic farming.

The association is exempt from federal income tax and all donations to ASSA are tax-deductible for donors.


ASSA promotes exchange and collaboration among the different market constituents in a collegial decision-making process. Engaging in discussion fosters reflection and contributes to the development of collective actions for the benefit of soil steaming’s larger adoption through a choice of commercial solutions.

Aims of discussions and collective actions:

  • to improve soil steaming techniques and lower treatment cost

  • to nurture material fundamental physics, product development

  • to bolster stakeholder success and image

  • to navigate the different application challenges and regulatory framework